“Bahot Masroof hain janaab,aajkal.. Kisi ke haath kahan ate hain?”

Masroof :مصروف : Being busy/engaged.

We live in an era where nobody has got time for anybody. You chalk out a schedule for your day to day activities because leading life without “a plan” is just not our thing,right? So , eventually we become our own slaves,happily giving up our desires,because we just don’t have time for such stuff. Or maybe because we have saved sometime in the future for that? Par kise hosh ki kal kya ho? Kya pata is duniya mei hum ho na ho? 

Whoever you meet is so busy in their lives that it is even difficult for them to answer your phone call because “masroofiyat hi itni hain ki phone ka kya,time ka hi pata nahin chalta. Kab nikal gaya“.

Or maybe it is our new self-invented Indian thing,just like “missed calls”,our contribution to the world. Act as if you don’t have any time in the world and the person in front of you will bow down , after all, we have loads of work to do. Why should we be the first ones to initiate?

So,next time if someone tries to play the busy card, reply with the given couplet (it might make their day 😉 ) :

Itne kahan masroof ho gaye tum,
jo dil dukhane bhi ab nahi aate.




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